The Metallic Trend : Silver

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Silver and white have long been a fresh color combo, often used as complementary colors. The look of decorative wallcoverings can immediately refresh your walls. Bring sparkle and shine into your design with silver accents to contrast against black and white interiors.

A little bit of Silver adds sparkle and life to any design. Bellalino’s tiny particles emanate just enough subtle sparkle giving dramatic dimension and shine to room settings. Order Samples 

Reflective surfaces would be the perfect solution for a dark room that needs to brighten up. A silver wall is the perfect highlight for the sun to bounce off it. Mirrored glass furniture and accents like wall mirrors will help catch the light and fill the room with glamour.

When working with silver, best choice for your color palette is cool colors. Design is about how textures, colors and proportions come together. Keep silver and reflective surfaces as an option when designing an interior with modern aesthetics.

#DesignInspiration Crop Circles by Level Digital Wallcoverings. In the world of design, metallic tones are timeless elements that bring sophistication and luxury. Silver is nevertheless on the dark side being dedicated to the moon. Blue and silver color schemes add modern aesthetics to your interior design. Match your glass walls to your walls with Level’s window films. Order Samples 

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