Stacked and Weaver’s Seam by Vycon Wallcoverings

Stacked | Named for its inspiration of actual stacked tiles, the slight variations in size and texture create significant impact offering depth and dimension.

Whether opting for matte stone finishes, spot-on trend colors, or gorgeous glazed clay shades, you’ll be “stacking the odds” for the perfect setting | Order Samples |

Simple and elegant, Stacked is a contemporary simulation of tile wallcovering.

From stardust to vanilla and clay, you can add a touch of warmth to your design.  | Order Samples | Request A Quote | Contact Your Rep |

Immerse your surroundings in the look and raw feel of a handwoven textile. Weaver’s Seam by Vycon Wallcoverings.

Weaver’s Seam comes to life with the subtle nuances and movement created by the woven and stitched process. | Order Samples |

This design palette consists of natural shades with hints of mint.  Weaver’s Seam (Y48070WS)  Stacked (Y48059SK) Day Dream (L13-0403)


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