Key Elements to Designing a Yoga Studio

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Meditation can be beneficial at any hour of the day, but there are undeniable benefits of a short morning meditation becoming as ingrained in your routine as a cup of joy. 

Mindfulness with Breathing – A meditation for finding focus and releasing stress 

  • Just Focus on your breath and when the mind wanders, bring it back! 
  • The great thing is that you can do it everywhere, even when you’re sitting at your desk or taking a walk. 
  • Fill your lungs with air and allow more oxygen to circulate so you can feel more calm, relaxed and ready to take on challenges. 

Key elements that can turn any yoga studio into a true oasis of peace and relaxation include space consideration, air quality, eco-friendly products, acoustics, color palette and brining nature inside. 

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Space Consideration: When you plan out a design for a studio, space is one of the major elements that should be considered first. Flexible, free plan and adaptable spaces are required for a studio that will hold different sessions and activities. Leave enough space between each yoga mat to allow the free movement of users during the exercises ( min 6 ft )


Air Quality: Having renewal of oxygen inside at all times to maintain a healthy, quality environment. How can we help? Indoor Air Quality & Product Transparency, all Create Wallcovering product components are made tin the USA and SCS Global Services Indoor Advantage Gold certified. Order samples  Water-based urethane chemistry, Aqua-Clear® is a Teflon-free top coat for Create Wallcovering patterns Appian, Hexagon, Quadrille and Lusso.

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Eco-Friendly Products: Our patented process for slicing incredibly thin veneer increases the log’s yield by approximately 300%. The same volume of veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one. Bring nature inside with real wood veneers. Browse our wood veneer  species available!

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Acoustics: Occupation noise exposure, or noise control, is paramount to creating a positive environment.  Acoustic Solutions is a collection of environmentally friendly vertical surface textiles that bring beauty and comfort to every space. Made from recycled 100% post consumer BPA-free recycled plastic drinking bottles, and Fossheild® technology  incorporating silver and copper ions into the fiber which naturally attack microbes thus delivering surface protection in addition to odor, mold, and bacteria resistance. Ask your rep for a consultation! 

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Color Palette: Successful yoga studios are often dedicated to creating perfect atmospheres for peace, clarity and simplicity. Start with earthy and natural tones including white, beige, and pastels. Then add accent colors of purple, light tones of pink and blue, and earthy greens.  Learn more about Healing with Colors: Violet | Blue | Green 

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Bring Nature Inside: Environment psychology research has indicated that being connected to nature is an adaptive human function that allows for, and assists with, psychological restoration. Incorporate principles of biophilia when designing your space! Learn more about  The Rise of Biophilic Design

When designing a space which elements would you consider for an ideal yoga/meditation room? Let us know in the comments!

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    This is a really great comprehensive overview of materials to make any space more relaxing and inviting.

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