HEALTHCARE CATALOG : A Collection of Frontline Protective Surfaces

National has partnered with some of the best manufacturing facilities in the United States to develop a portfolio of interior finishes that are anti-microbial, low-voc, scrubbable and durable. The result is a cleaner and safer work environment that keeps the focus on health and healing. When you see any of our Frontline Surfaces, you’re covered!

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How Do We Design Spaces That Heal? Based on scientific studies, the concept of buildings that can ‘heal’ points to a shift in how architects think about their designs. Learn more:

Durable, Cleanable & Long Lasting Wallcoverings. Today it is essential that interior materials not only be aesthetically pleasing, but easy to maintain for sake of individuals and infection control. National has integrated a further advanced functionality that provides a wall finish solution for healthcare interiors – as useful as it is beautiful.

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Fossheild® is an FDA cleared antimicrobial technology incorporating silver and copper ions into the fiber which naturally attack microbes thus delivering surface protection in addition to odor, mold, and bacteria resistance. Learn more:

Fosshield Technology | Order Samples | Acoustic Panel Art

High Performance Standard Repeat Acoustical Wallcoverings: A curated selection of repeat-pattern designs printed via dye-sublimation on Acoustical Felt, derived from 100% post industrial recycled polyester, with Fosshield Antimicrobial Technology. Pattern Repeat: 36″h x 60″w | Straight Match | Sold by the Yard


How Do You Communicate? Our mission is to bring your creativity to life. Every project has room for dry erase!

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Targa® is a clear PETG sheet, .040” thick, with the image printed on the back side of thematerial, encapsulating it against the wall and protecting it from wear and abrasion. Learn more: Targa® Rigid Wall Protection

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